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Written by Paul Esajian   
Thursday, 25 February 2010 22:13

Home Staging Tips for Investors Guaranteed to Make Your Property Stand Out From the Rest

If you consider Home Staging as an extra, a nonessential, you are poorly mistaken. Putting the final touches on your rehab with staging is an essential step in the sales process for all Real Estate Investors.

While consulting a peer last week, I was surprised to hear that he did not think staging was an essential part of the rehab process. I asked him, how long his last rehab was on the market for and you know what he said? He answered back with a sense of pride, it was on for 85 days, a month less than the average days on market. I could tell that this gentleman was not a student from our school of thought. Any full rehab should be under contract in less than 14 days after it is completed and staged.

We often have rehabs under contract in less than a week. One of the reasons why is because we make sure it is staged perfectly before we let our first prospects walk through. I informed the gentleman of this and he was very attentive to the rest of our conversation.

Below are more staging tips that will get you started on selling your rehab for the maximum price in the minimum amount of time.

What positives will you enhance and what negatives are you going to limit exposure too? A good example of limiting a negative would be, if you did not replace a bathtub, make sure you put a shower curtain up and then enhance the other features in the bathroom. Place nice soaps and candles on the new vanity.

Pick a wall hanging and coordinate the colors of the towels and the bath mat. Now that you have an idea what you want to accomplish with your staging, sit down and write a list of what you need for each room. You need to put together a shopping list, be as specific as possible; you don't want to waste time shopping. Don't forget extra light bulbs and air fresheners.

Home Staging Tip: Furnishing.

For your average Rehab, you do not need to fill the house with furniture. You only need to paint the picture and have your buyer imagine their own furniture. If you get a buyer that walks through and points out where they would put their couch and their TV, then you will get an offer; they are sold. It is easy to place a small dining room table in the dining room. Be sure to set the table so it is the focal point of the dining room. Nevertheless, if you are selling a high end property it may be advantageous to rent larger pieces of furniture.
Home Staging Tip #6: Accessorize.

The majority of your staging will consist of accessorizing. I typically use a lot of candles and mirrors when staging a home. You can decorate the kitchen with many accessories that will stimulate your buyer to mentally move into the house. I use towels and a floor mat to bring in color. I like to have yummy smelling candles lit or a pot of coffee to awaken their sense of smell. When having an open house you can always put some cookies in the oven. The smell is wonderful and your buyers will be able to snack on them as they walk thru.

It is always a great idea to have bottles of water and juice boxes cold in the refrigerator. The longer the prospective buyer is in the home, the more likely they are to put an offer in. Another simple idea is to put a vase of fresh flowers on a small table in the master bedroom.

Home Staging Tip: Review.

After you put your finishing touches on the property, take a step back and examine. Keep an eye out for clutter. Make sure you have highlighted the key rooms. Take your final pictures and start walking buyers thru.

The Home Staging Tips above are a great place to start!

Paul Esajian,star of 'Flip This House' and  Co-Founder of FortuneBuilders Inc. is one of nation’s premier young real estate investors and speakers. As an expert in Rehabbing Systems & firm believer in what Creative Real Estate can achieve, Paul shares his wealth of knowledge any chance he gets.  Paul is currently running a multi-million dollar real estate investment office and filming a national TV show.  As a national speaker he is totally committed to helping other investors obtain financial freedom by teaching them his systems designed for buying, fixing and selling homes.  Paul’s systems are some of the most advanced in the industry and his students around the country are making FORTUNES by replicating them!


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