Why Multi-Tasking Will Kill Your REI Business Print
Written by Jeff Vacek   
Friday, 26 February 2010 16:15

How to Structure your Day to Maximise Efficiency and Profits in Your Real Estate Business

Do you ever work an entire day and at the end of the day you feel like you didn't accomplish anything?

Do you feel exhausted when this happens?

This happens because you probably multi-task.

Multi-tasking is an addiction just like drinking, smoking, eating or anything else for that matter.

And it will kill your business just like the fore mentioned activities will kill your body.

Why do you multi-task so much?

Somewhere in your life you decided that in order to get more done you had to multi-task.  What has happened is your mind is playing tricks on you.  It SEEMS like you are getting more done because you are DOING a lot.  In reality you're not really ACCOMPLISHING much of anything.

Sure, you're checking emails, looking at the motivated seller sites, watching "how to" videos on YouTube, making phone calls to title companies and motivated sellers, and on and on...like the Energizer bunny.

Yet, at the end of the day you haven't really accomplished much.

Again, it's because you are multi-tasking.

Worse, this leaves you exhausted, resigned and leads to a complete loss of will power.

Here's how to combat this...

Schedule everything you do into 60 minute chunks of time and take breaks.

Work on the important, money-making activities first and do everything else later (emails, paperwork, general calls, etc.).

Take a 10-15 minute break every 2 hours and one long break for lunch (30 minutes to an hour).

And if you must multi-task schedule it.  That's right SCHEDULE your multi-tasking time.  Schedule a couple of times during the day that you are going to BE chaotic on purpose.  Get it out of your system and fulfill on your craving.

Have you ever been on a diet and your dietician told you to NOT resist cravings?  I bet he/she also told you to fulfill your cravings but do it in moderation (i.e. 2 cookies instead of the whole box).

This is how you need to manage your multi-tasking.  Schedule a couple of 30-60 minute chunks every day to multi-task.  Return voicemails, check email, surf the net, answer random phone calls, etc. during this time.

During the other scheduled times you should be focusing on one thing (like contacting motivated sellers or potential buyers) and that one thing only.  No distractions and no interruptions...period!

Structure your day this way and your REI business with thrive and grow.

Jeff Vacek is a Real Estate Investor and  leading expert on personal management and productivity.

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