Bad Economy = Good Opportunity for Investors! Print
Written by Cris Chico   
Monday, 01 March 2010 18:11

Why Real Estate Investing is ALWAYS a good choice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a hole in the ground, you’ve probably watched as the economy crumbled. Let me put it to you quite frankly: it’s bad, it’s likely to get worse, and we’ve never seen this kind of thing before. It’s like we’re lost in the woods and don’t know our way out. The economy is horrible… and when I say “horrible” I mean that we’re being run over by a steamroller and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon.

But I’m not really worried. Sure, like you I’ve watched my portfolio of stocks erode until it’s just a mere shadow of what it was. But I actually don’t invest much in stocks. I invest in something else that I find to be much more compelling and profitable.

I invest in homes. Why do I invest in homes instead of stocks? There are a number of reasons but one of the primary reasons is that when I buy a stock I buy one voting share out of many thousands upon thousands of voting shares in a company. I have about as much influence over that company as a small fly influences the direction of my car when I smack into it on the highway.

Imagine that you own a stock and the company suddenly decides to start polluting the environment with toxic chemicals. Did they call you up and ask you? Of course not. Your few tiny shares of the company aren’t even a blip on their radar. So when the company dumps poison into a lake, your investment diminishes without you lifting a finger. And, what options do you have for improving the company? Can you call up and say, “I’m a valued shareholder and I think we should lower prices to capture more marketshare”? No. They won’t listen to you.

I prefer to invest in homes because I am the sole owner (or, in some cases, I might be a co-owner with other investors). The bottom line: more influence! And when you have more influence over an investment, you have more control over whether or not you will come out profitable in the end.

I make the decisions. I choose between the options I’m faced with. I make the choices and I live with the consequences. And since I alone (or me along with a small group of investors) have complete control over the investment, we can influence its success.

Thus, I may not be able to call up a company of which I’m a stakeholder and increase my share price through that phone call, but I can go to the house I’ve invested in and relandscape and earn back 2 or 3 or 10 times my investment into that landscape.

In this economy where our portfolios are being decimated with every passing moment, it is so much more ideal to invest in something that you can influence and profit from.

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